Friday 9th June, 2017

We wrote our Newspaper Reports in neat this week and they look great. We had to imagine that we could go back in time and be a reporter in the Indus Valley. We had to include formal language, quotes and illustration reporting on why Indus people left the valley. These will be available to read at the end of the year in our IPEELL (English) book. Our choice of vocabulary is improving day by day and we are now independently using a thesaurus to improve our writing.

In Maths, we are steadily progressing through learning about decimals. Place value isreally important when understanding decimals, so recapping on this is always worthwhile. We no know place value in decimals up to ‘thousandths’. We are successfully converting decimals to percentages and fractions. Towards the end of the week we focused on adding decimals and discussed that this is very much like adding money. Again, place value is really important when adding decimals, ensuring tenths are being added to tenths, hundredths being added to hundredths etc.

Adding up the totals mentally from a shopping list is excellent practice for this, as many of us have already demonstrated in our ‘Year 5 Real Life Maths’ Home Learning book.

We discussed the general election and we wrote brilliant formal letters addressed to the prime minister, explaining what MP’s should do for children. We had some really good talks and super ideas.

Our new school value is Humility. We have been discussing in class how we can be proud of our achievements whilst still being humble, whilst considering others thoughts and feelings.

Spelling and Grammar home learning has been set, as well as Maths. Our methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are improving each day, well done 5SK!

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