Bettys Visit.

5SK visited Bettys cookery school to learn how to make bread. They also enjoyed a tour of the factory whilst their bread was baking. The smell was fabulous! Did you all enjoy your bread 5SK?So sorry Mr Kay wasn’t able to join us!

Vegetable Pakoras With 5SK.

As part of this terms topic, 5SK have been making and tasting, vegetable pakoras. The first group made a baked healthy option and the second group followed a more traditional recipe. Both results were enjoyed by the majority of the class, however we decided the traditional fried ones were definitely best. We plan to keep experimenting as other groups from the class have their cookery sessions.

Pay As You Feel Cafe.

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Our 2nd ‘pay as you feel’ cafe was to raise money for Children in Need. We served pasta and mini pizzas, to a diverse and hungry clientele, followed by Sham’s Tiger cake and biscuits. It was a little chaotic but thanks go to everyone who stepped in to help out!

We raised £41.95 for Children in Need!!!