Friday 19th May, 2017

Newspapers have been a hit in our class this week. We looked at how they are different from other text types and paid attention to how they are written. We have just completed some work on newspaper headlines which you can see below:

Did you enjoy this lesson? Can you think of anymore headlines using similar techniques? Comment below!

Our class target has been to record more reading in our diaries. Some of us do this EVERY single week, well done! We are becoming excellent readers and enjoy getting stuck into a book in more or less all areas of the classroom!

Here are our new spellings:

Our scores from this week are in our diaries. Let’s keep up the good work practising.

We have also been set Maths home learning, topic and reading eggs.

We go to ‘The Deep’ on Wednesday which will be a wonderful class trip!

See you next week,


Friday 12th May, 2017

We have had another successful week studying fractions in Maths. We added fractions with the same denominators and even looked at those with different ones. We know how to convert these if the denominators are different.

Our non-chronological reports look incredible! They show all the remarkable facts we have learnt about the Indus Valley so far.

We have all now had a go at cooking Indian snacks. They were delicious! Scroll down to see some of the photos.

Our new spellings:

Our spelling scores are in our diaries.

Thank you to all of us who have brought in our ‘The Deep’ letters.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Kay

Thursday 4th May, 2017


We are making amazing progress with fractions, so far we have covered: Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions and Equivalent Fractions… Can you answer the questions?

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers:

Equivalent Fractions:

Here are the new spellings:

Those of us who are camping, have an amazing time and get plenty of rest on Sunday ready for Monday back at school 🙂


Vegetable Pakoras With 5SK.

As part of this terms topic, 5SK have been making and tasting, vegetable pakoras. The first group made a baked healthy option and the second group followed a more traditional recipe. Both results were enjoyed by the majority of the class, however we decided the traditional fried ones were definitely best. We plan to keep experimenting as other groups from the class have their cookery sessions.

This week has been packed with new learning!

We learnt to code in the computer room which was excellent. We know that the website we used is: so we can practise this in our own time if we wish.

Some of us have also been lucky enough to bake various snacks in the cafe. Can you remember what we baked? How are they linked to our topic?

We have now worked our way through the recommended spelling list for Year 5 and 6. We are now going to revisit previous spelling rules from Read Write Inc. We are learning ten spellings still, each one with a different spelling rule. Here they are:

1. bomb (silent letter b)
2. terrible (ible)
3. comfortable (able)
4. listen (silent t)
5. sensible (ible)
6. magnificent (ent)
7. patience (ence)
8. receive (ei)
9. assistant (ant)
10. ferocious (cious)

We also have a home learning grid to do with our new topic, The Indus Valley.

– We can choose which task we do.
– We do not have to do all of them, but the ones we choose to do must be completed to the highest standard possible.
– They can be completed how we want (in our home learning books, on paper, computer etc).
– There is not a hand in date for each task, but we are expected to always be working on a project.

Congratulations to all of the children who got their pen passes this week, super news!

Well done to all involved in school sports this week as well, great success in both Football and Netball.

Have a great long weekend and see you on Tuesday!


Friday 21st April, 2017

We have moved onto Line Graphs in Maths and began by talking about why we might use them and how they are labelled. We answered questions on them and eventually began to draw our own.
Can you remember any facts about them?

In English, we are looking at Non-Chronological reports. We looked at how they are written and all of the features they contain. Which features do you remember? We are now researching facts for our very own Non-Chronological report on The Indus Valley.

On Wednesday, we did an orienteering lesson around the school grounds to find clues for our new topic. These clues helped us make enquirey questions for our new topic, which we will be finding out over the next term. What interests you the most about the Indus Valley?

The new spellings are:

Our homework is the next two pages in our spelling and grammar books and to complete a Sumdog Challenge on our Maths learning this week.

We have some fantastic lessons planned next week, including Computing and Cooking,

See you then!


Our Sumdog Multiplication Competition…

We are half way through our Easter break and many of you have been playing plenty of Sumdog! The competition looked at multiplication to carry on with all of the great work you have been doing on your times tables at school.

Here are the results!

Congratulations to Stefan who was the overall winner, Scarlett who came second and Kristel who finished third. If you three come and see me at break time when we are back at school I will award you with prizes!

Well done to everyone who played, it will have really helped you a lot.

Keep an eye out for the next competition beginning tomorrow!

Mr Kay